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Getting work ready

“In life, when the quality of one’s work really matters, one almost never submits a first draft. An ethic of excellence requires revision.”

~ Ron Berger, author and educationalist

Unique curriculum

The Grove Curriculum enables us to deliver the national curriculum subjects within a cross curricular project focus. We do this through topics which are launched with Big Questions about the real world and outcomes that provide them opportunities to develop links with the local community and business. See the year group pages for details of the termly projects. As pupils move through the school they will have the chance to develop real life skills, such as resilience, which will support them in the world of work in the future and help them to be ready for jobs that have not been created yet.

Grove Academy ‘Big Curriculum’ overview

Careers offer

As our pupils move through the school we want to ensure that they are supported to make successful educational and career choices.

Year 8 students are learning through their projects how to work as teams, for example their Autumn project has an outcome of a documentary film so as part of that they are learning how to plan a create project and the roles that are needed to be fulfilled to make it successful. Although they will all be part of the whole process only some peoples ideas will be used and only some people will be immediately behind or infront of the camera. That way they are learning to cope with disappointment and learning to be resilient as well as understanding that to make a final outcome only the best work will be chosen.

Other information information is delivered through timetabled PSHE lessons, intutor sessions and a programme of visits from professionals supporting our projects and providing input on their careers, such as a visit my the local MP recently.

As this is our first year with a Year 8 we will be updating this information throughout the year with specific information as we go along and adding details about the impact that this is having with our pupils and parents.

It is important that student look at various options at GCSE and consider the possible paths that their choice can lead to. It is essential that students have broad range of subjects and focus on working towards a strong core in English, Maths and Science which will lead to a wide range of opportunities after GCSE. We highly recommend that students and parents look at the following websites for further help and support.

An excellent starting point for information about all aspects of careers.


Give a range of jobs and training course at for different levels of qualifications and interests.


Further information about careers in the local area can be found at, The Heathrow careers fair.


An excellent website that has been put together by a careers adviser called Susan Burke. Click on ‘Career Resources’ and then ‘Parents and Guardians’ to find links to other excellent careers websites.


Information about courses after GCSE’s


Information about employers across a range of different careers and training courses. Some very informative videos.



If you think you can support us in the delivery of our project based learning across the school, but particularly from Year 8 we would love to hear from you. Currently the Principal is the careers lead until we recruit a permanent lead in the spring. Please contact Ms Andrea Fricker via office@groveacademy.co.uk using the reference ‘Careers Lead’ or phone 01753 517359.

High expectations ~ Critique and revision

A corner stone of our curriculum is that of high expectations and critique and this will be further developed in KS3 and 4


The ability to communicate clearly and get your message across is a key skill in the world of work. We will be working to ensure that our pupils are trained and given regular opportunities to speak in public for a purpose. We want them to develop the confidence so they can speak with clarity, authority and confidence – all skills that will serve them well in later years.