Our Inspiration

A growth mind-set

We believe that effort and resilience makes the difference. It is a belief that if a child has confidence in themselves they can achieve more than they thought possible.  Our mantra is “We can’t do it…yet!” We do not discuss ability or talent, but effort and success. We believe in challenging all of our children and in providing the support so that they are able to challenge themselves and have a clear understanding of do what to do next. Therefore the clarity of individual structured feedback to each pupil is crucial so that they know what to do to improve. A key priority is to develop a language of talking about their thinking, to reflect and to review. To support peer feedback in an emotionally safe context, we expect that pupils and staff will provide suggestions that are kind, specific and helpful in moving the person on with their learning. The focus is on developing the skills to be an effective and reflective learner.

Character and resilience

In addition there will be a focus on developing character, self-confidence and resilience so that children can deal with life’s problems and are able to work well as a member of the future work force.

Learning without limits

It is also reflected in the positive learning environments where pupils (and staff) are able to take risks and learn from their errors, ask questions and be supported to develop further. Our unique community will provide endless chances for children to learn together, develop their thinking, problem solving and team working skills. A school that will enable multiple opportunities to develop leadership and responsibilities.

“We want our parents to say their children are happy at school and achieve well.”
~ SASH Education Trust

Our pupils will be:

Collaborators – there are regular opportunities to work in different groups

Emotionally intelligent – they are taught the ‘why’ ahead of the ‘what’ and ‘how’

Experts – they develop expertise by being reflective

Creative thinkers – they apply knowledge to new contexts with problem solving tasks Involved – in construction of objectives and success criteria

Digitally literate

Responsive to feedback – having quality learning conversations

Curious and questioning

Motivated – through challenges that have a clear purpose