Pupil Premium

2018 – 19 funding allocation = £18,535

How the funding will be spent Intended impact on barriers to learning How we will measure that impact
£2000 To support places in our breakfast club – we have identified that poor punctuality and attendance is impacting on the progress on some of our children. Attendance at breakfast club enables them to start the day well, be fed and be ready to learn. It also avoids the unnecessary emotional impact of arriving late
  • Attendance data
  • Progress data
  • Pupil and parent/carer voice activities
£3000 To support places in our After school club – this will enable us to respond to anticipated needs of some of our children who have very challenging home situations and this way we can continue to work with them after school on social skills and also ensure they have a healthy small meal before they go home.
  • Progress data
  • Pupil and parent/carer voice activities
£1000 PP course for the PP lead – to ensure he is able to learn from best practice and to fund visits to other schools
  • Professional dialogue
  • Action planning and reporting
£5000 Towards the funding of a learning mentor – our learning mentor will be working with a range of pupils across the school but this will fund the time they are working on the provision for our PP pupils, either in 1:1 sessions or in small groups.
  • Learning mentor in place
  • Detailed timetable of provision in place
  • Progress data and specific small target tracking
£5000 Towards the funding of a new Hub TA – who will be working in the Hub supporting PP pupils to make rapid progress through the implementation of 1:1 and small group provision
  • TA in place
  • Detailed timetable of provision in place
  • Progress data and specific small target tracking
£2535 For training for the above new posts and additional resources to deliver their programmes with pupils
  • Training completed
  • Resources purchased and used in provision

This plan will be formally reviewed in July 2019, but regular reviews will take place half termly through SLT reporting.

Pupil Premium Projected Expenditure 2017-2018
Total number of learners on roll 2017/18  Sept ‘18 109
Total number of learners entitled to PPG (prior to September 2013) 11
Amount of PPG per pupil (from April 2017 – Primary Phase) £1320
Amount of PPG per pupil (Secondary Phase) £935
Total number of learners entitled to Forces Grant 0
Total number of Children Looked After 0
Total amount of Pupil Premium received £10,812


Commitment Approx. Amount Action Impact
Removing barriers to learning through effective pupil induction & support





Recruit a Hub TA to run small group and 1:1 induction and intervention


Recruit an EAL co-ordinator to support and induct EAL pupils and provide CPD for Staff

SEN TA ws appointed to deliver our induction programme including initial assessments and then following up with a full programme of provision. This has been highly successful and our induction is now running smoothly ensuring that children’s barriers to learning are identified early.

We have appointed an EAL lead who has ensured that there is accurate assessment of pupil’s proficiently in English na dis advising staff how they can support further in class. She took time to review the provision in other schools, learnt from best practice and set in place clear assessment for judging if a child was EAL and if so how proficient they were in English.

As a result EAL pupils are making good progress

Removing barriers by supporting with School Uniform £500 Means-tested grant to increase learner and parent engagement and to boost self-esteem and support attendance

Uniform has been bought for a small group of pupils who have been identified as needing support. The response from parents has been extremely positive. Attendance for those pupils has improved but as a result of this and other measures in place to engage with parents.

Last years’ attendance for PP pupils was 93.6% it has risen this year to 94.7%

Additional resources to supporting accelerated progress in Reading, Writing and Numeracy £1000

To accelerate progress in reading Fresh Start, Language Link, Read Write Inc. programmes


Year 1 pupils – Phonics – 3/4 (75%) of PP pupils achieved the expected standard in the Year phonics screening test as a result of additional phonics sessions timetabled for those children.

Year 1 – reading – 100% made good progress over the year, 3 achieved expected attainment at the end of the year

Year 2 – reading – of the 3 PP pupils 2 made good progress and achieved expected at end of year 2. The third pupil only arrived in year with us in June 2018 and did not achieve expected in July

Year 7 – reading – of the 21 PP pupils 12 made good progress in reading – 57%. Of those who didn’t make good progress, 7 were in year admissions, 4 in the summer term. 92% of PP pupils who started in Sept made good progress


Subsidy grants (for trips, residential, music and sports clubs/ activities) £300 All pupils have equal access and opportunity to all activities on offer at school; increase in confidence and learner engagement A small number of grants were paid to subsidise trips which meant we had a 100% attendance in those off site activities
Pupil Progress Meetings (Termly) and pupil voice meetings £1000 Partial cost of supply; class teachers meet with Assistant Head and Inclusion Manager to discuss attainment and progress of individual pupils and target groups;  planning of intervention and support for pupils; Individual pupil voice meetings with class teacher to discuss personalised targets and learning programmes

Pupil Progress meetings have taken place over the year and as a result we have a full provision map in place of all support taking place. A clear focus was made on Quality First Teaching at those meetings in order for all teaching staff to understand their responsibility to support all groups of pupils. As a result differentiation is improving in lessons.

In addition the the data above: 83% of PP  pupils in Year 7 made good progress last year as a result of additional provision planned in those meetings.


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~ Ron Berger, author and educationalist