>> Years 1 to 6 : Reading, writing and maths

Reading, writing and maths

Getting the basics right

The strong teaching of English and Maths will ensure our pupils master the basics and build on that as they go through the school. The robust teaching of phonics following the Read Write Inc model, strong guided reading sessions and a culture of a love of reading will ensure that our pupils develop the ability to access complex texts across the curriculum, as well as enjoy reading, which will hold them in good stead throughout their school life.

For more details of Read, Write, Inc click below. You will find links to tutorials and videos for parents.

Also there will be a focus on the clarity of speech across all subjects, in all phases and in front of a range of audiences in order to ensure our pupils leave with good oral skills. Pupils will be specifically taught good ‘oracy’ for job interviews and public speaking.

“We will not let labels limit a child’s learning.”

~ Andrea Fricker, Principle