Section 10 consultation


Data from the Local Authority has shown there is a forecast shortage of both primary and secondary school places in Slough, in particular in the centre of the town. With increasing migration into the town and many new housing projects across the borough this demand can only increase.

The Slough Association of Secondary Headteachers (SASH) established the SASH Education Trust in order to work with the Local Authority to help to address the shortage of places. In 2014 they opened the first SASH free school, Ditton Park Academy and have the support of the DfE to open a second. The Trust under took a Section 10 consultation in order to collect the views of all stakeholders. The consultation sought views on key aspects of the plans including, demand for the school, the vision and educational plan, admissions, location and whether Grove Academy should sign a funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education.

There were 53 formal responses to the consultation survey in total, the overwhelming majority of them supportive of the proposals to establish the school. A range of questions and issues were raised through the consultation which the Governors have sought to respond to.   section-10

On the basis of the response to the consultation the Governors are agreed that they wish to enter in to a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State to open the school from September 2017.



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