Year 7 catch up premium

Catch up funding – Year 7

2018 – 19 – Allocation £5,423

How we plan to spend the money Intended impact
The following sessions are led by both teachers and experienced teaching assistants

Small groups for English and maths lessons

Phonics sessions (read, write, inc)

Pre teaching sessions weekly

Handwriting sessions

Additional literacy and maths sessions

Spelling sessions

To ensure that all pupils make good progress over the year.

Students are more confident in accessing the KS3 curriculum.


2017 – 18 – Allocation £5,423

How we spent the funding Impact Evidence
We used our funding to pay for additional staffing to support our intervention plan for the identified children in Year 7. Our detailed plans included small group work in literacy and maths delivered by both specialist teachers and teaching assistants. The funding went specifically towards the use of our staff in The Hub to deliver aspects of the provision. As this was our first year of opening and we opened with very low numbers in all year groups, mobility has been extremely high over the year with a large numbers of pupils joining Grove in year. As children joined we added them to our ongoing additional provision following a full induction.

Maths – 67% made good progress as measured from their KS2 results and were also at expected (or just below) for the end of year 7. Good progress is 82% if we use our internal tracking using Pupil Asset and our own assessment framework.

English – More children were below expected at the end of year 6 in English and of those 12, 7 were in year admissions. Overall 37% made good progress from the end of KS2 results to the end of Year 7.

  • Internal tracking data
  • Formal testing to support teacher assessments


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