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One rich curriculum

“In life, when the quality of one’s work really matters, one almost never submits a first draft. An ethic of excellence requires revision.”

~ Ron Berger, author and educationalist

Creative and innovative

The excitement and achievement of learning are not just for the classroom; they are for the future, for life. We will deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that:

  • is creative and innovative
  • focuses on the depth of learning
  • and focuses on real life learning with a clear purpose

The curriculum provided will enable access by all learners to high quality and diverse learning opportunities relevant to their individual needs and enabling them to develop the skills and expertise to be ‘work or university ready’ in the future. We do not know yet what those jobs will be when our pupils leave Grove, so we will work on developing character, core skills and resilience.

Our goal is to ensure that pupils can go on to get excellent jobs locally and help to sustain the growth of the local economy by cultivating a workforce with the mind-set and skills to adapt and compete in an ever changing world. A curriculum that delivers enterprise opportunities.

Exciting vehicles for learning

Our curriculum will be centred on ‘project based learning’ with real life products or outcomes to drive it. Teachers will choose projects or ‘vehicles for learning’ that are linked to activities that people do in the real world, that stretches the pupils, ignites their imagination and is true to our values. This approach will be developed in different ways across both the primary and secondary phases and will compliment specialist subject teaching with the key focus being on enterprise. We will exploit the contacts and opportunities of being in a lively town by working with other organisations and companies to provide our pupils with real work experiences. They will learn the skills and roles of working together in teams for a common goal.  There will be a clear emphasis on innovation and leadership. The curriculum will encourage problem solving, critical reflection, research and challenge and the development of analytical skills fostering the business men and women of the future. All pupils will be encouraged and given the confidence to participate in decision making, providing support and/or creative input across the three areas of family well-being, public service and generating wealth. Through this we will develop self-confident and responsible pupils who contribute to the local community of Slough and who will be well placed to become leaders of the future.

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Long term overview

Grove Academy ‘Big Curriculum’ overview

High expectations ~ Critique and revision

A corner stone of our curriculum is that of high expectations and critique. This will give pupils the opportunity to learn from each other’s work and reflect on their learning in a structured, safe context. Feedback from peers and teachers will be focused on how they can improve their work through multiple drafts.

Digitally literate

Digital literacy will be at the heart of what our pupils will learn, through the use of state of the art technologies.  Technology will be fully integrated across the school to enable our pupils and staff to be discerning and confident in its use. Blogging will be used to enable pupils to reflect on their learning.